We'll Take Care of Everything

As well as developing and designing your website, we'll also take care of the implementation. This means registering your domain name, finding you a suitable web host, and making sure it's set-up correctly - so the transition from design-stage to going live is as smooth as possible...

  • Less work for you means more time to focus on what you do best
  • No need to worry about the technical aspects of getting online
  • Because all billing is through us, it means you won't have to manage multiple accounts
  • We'll find the best solution for your website

Freeing Up your Time

With us, you won't have to scour the internet for a domain registrar or a web host. We take care of it for you. We also do the registration, update the nameservers and manage the accounts on your behalf, so you don't have to keep track of it all: you come straight to us and we'll deal with it.

Domain Name Registration

A domain name is simply the website address. For instance, the domain name for this website is: www.thoughtpixel.com. The standard way of purchasing a domain name is through a domain registrar.

We'll find a domain registrar that's suitable for your business. So, for example, if you're based in the UK we'll connect you to a leading UK-based registrar.

What's more, we'll purchase the domain name on your behalf, meaning you'll own the rights to it. So if you decide that you want to sell it at a later date, you can!

Web Hosting

A web host is simply the main server upon which your website is stored and published on the internet. Without a web host, you'll be invisible. Some web hosts are more reliable than others, so it can be tricky deciding which one to go for. This is where our expertise can help: we'll find a great web host that's suitable for your needs.

We take into consideration these factors:

  • Your location
  • Your budget
  • The amount of web traffic

Setting up with a web host involves a bit of technical know-how. For example, the nameservers need to be entered on the domain registration control panel. We'll take care of this so that you have more time to concentrate on other areas of your business.

Let's get your website up and running…

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